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Kongres Anak Muda Malaysia 2017 to be held in May

After further discussion and evaluation on the current situation, it was unanimously decided that the much anticipated Kongres Anak Muda Malaysia 2017 will now be held on 13 and 14 May 2017, instead of the earlier planned 17 – 19 February 2017.

This will enable Demi Malaysia and the organising committee to consult a wider range of youth organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations to ensure that the Kongres will include the voices and concerns of the various NGOs. Demi Malaysia will focus on consulting Malaysians involved in grassroots struggles in each state besides meeting NGOs and youth groups in urban areas.

In the midst of current major issues faced by Malaysia such as the the 1MDB corruption scandal, Demi Malaysia however would also like to acknowledge and state our strong solidarity towards many other struggles of the everyday Malaysian including political and social activists, student movements, environmentalists, orang asal's rights, and many others. We not only stand in solidarity, but we would also like to offer Kongres Anak Muda Malaysia 2017 as a platform for Malaysians of all walks of life to bring forward their aspirations and concerns.

This postponement will also allow for more voluminous participation during the Kongres.

Thank you,

Jointly issued by,

Anis Syafiqah Program Director I Kongres Anak Muda Malaysia 2017

Adam Adli Program Director II Kongres Anak Muda Malaysia 2017

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